On every occasion, we need something to spice up our looks. In other terms, we can call these things as fashion jewelry, which can make every woman dazzling than ever. The Imiajewel company brings the jewelry collection for everyone to choose based on their personal preferences. But first, Let us know the origin of fashion jewelry. Fashion jewelry goes a long way before it became the significant part of our history.


Back in the day, our ancestors use lots of shells, stone, and bones as the decoration for their bodies. Initially, these things are not accessories but instead considered an amulet that can protect their lives from any danger. In Shannongrove, Co. Limerick, Ireland, an assumed ceremonial collar in a bog, which probably rests on the chest of the corpse. A chain runs between the holes in its inner side, passes around the back of the neck and holds it in place.

Medieval Period

Some of them also label it as the rank or the identification of the status in the society. Back then, people can classify themselves based on their possessions and properties. Higher classes tend to wear ornaments made with gold, silver, and other precious gems. For lower ranks, they use copper for accessories such as hoop earrings, a necklace for women and men, and others. Jewelers use this metal as the material for their craft and masterpieces. In this era, embedding symbols of crucifixion in fashion jewelry also gained popularity. They believe that it can serve as the way to praise the God and remember the sacrifices of the savior Christ.

Victorian Period

During the reign of Queen Victoria, this era from 1837 to 1880 involves the popularity of the accessories at different times. Influences for this fashion jewelry are Classical, Gothic, Renaissance, the Ancient Greek, and the Roman mythology. Some popular motifs are serpents, as based on the snake engagement ring of Prince Albert to the Queen. Hair combs and pins also become the major accessory in every woman’s wardrobe. In this period, gold works are the target of most Italian goldsmiths. Upon the death of the Prince, the black mourning jewelry became popular, made of black glass, onyx, and jet. Other motifs include skulls and skeletons as the additional personalized designs. In this period, it remains as the symbol for honoring the memories of the death of your loved ones.

Art Nouveau

Although this era went out style from trending, it is still the cornerstone of the development of other fashion jewelry designs. Influence of the Romantic Period is also apparent in these accessories. Some designs include the nature such as the flowers, birds and feminine forms. Elegant lines and soft features are also the adaptation while artisans introduce other precious stones like agate, aquamarine, and garnet. Enameling, glass molding, and ivory are few methods and materials for the whimsical designs of these ornaments.

Arts and Crafts

Artisans went back to hand-crafting and rejected the help of the machines. The intricacy of the jewelry is the highlight of this era, while their simple designs became the popularity to men and women.


The reign of King Edward and Queen Alexandra aligns with the introduction of the light and delicate ornaments. Heavy emphasis on brilliant diamonds while other colorful gemstones as the backdrop are also the highlight of this period. Different prominent designs include the ribbons, bows, flowers, and some cases of sporting events. Jewelry makers also use platinum as the material for putting the precious stones into place.

Retro or Retro-Modern

Artisans start to develop their craft and improve the appearances of these accessories. They use various methods, adapt the best ones and discard the dangerous techniques. Nowadays, the metalworking techniques are the result of the sophistication and hard work of the former personnel. The decoration and style for the jewelry also become more intricate, which made all the accessories more stylish and expensive. So time to know about the material of Fashion Jewellry.

Material of Fashion Jewellry

In most times, fashion jewelry is either made with non-precious stones or metals such as copper, bronze, and brass. In the past, copper is the top choice for it possesses various properties and substantial practicality. One of the reasons for popularity also includes its warm reddish glow. However, the disadvantages note the disconcerting feeling upon using any jewelry out of copper. It tends to oxidize as time goes by, hence the color of the accessories will become darker. Some cases include the skin colorization of the user into green when they frequently wear the ornament. Others include the use of bronze and brass as the base materials for crafting fashion jewelry. People can also choose ornaments made of gold, silver, or platinum for everlasting usage and stylish look for every occasion in their lives. The precious gems, meanwhile, are only decorations and mostly these materials make the jewelry to become expensive than ever.

Categories of fashion jewelry

If you want to make your appearance more sophisticated, you can choose any accessories for you. The following are the appropriate ornaments for you and your loved ones. Some of the classifications for this collection include the necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, leather, beads, or acrylic materials.


If you belong to a royal family, you may find it appropriate to wear a beautiful crown with dazzling diamonds and precious gemstones all over it. However, if you are an ordinary citizen, you may try wearing a hairpin and make everyone goggle with its brilliant color of the gemstones.


If you like a shining ornament all over your neck, you can pick any necklace for women. From colorful gemstones to the gold/silver materials, you can now make yourself more sophisticated and elegant. You may also wear leather chokers for any plain-colored dress and imagining yourself back in the 90s era. If you are a man, you may wear a men’s necklace and make your look dashing with a gold-plated ornament for your dark suit and pants.


Any hoop earrings can go along with any simple plain-colored dress and a chic outfit of a tank top and short or skirt. You must also choose the size of your earrings as it may become awkward if it may not go right with your attire.In parties, you must make sure that you can wear appropriate cufflinks for your outfit. For men, there are various choices for you while it guarantees that it will fit for your dashing look for the best moment of your life.


Statement rings and friendship bracelets are one of the popular nowadays as people take their relationship very seriously. From ordinary bracelets to engagement rings, you can make it personalize so that it can also bring the message of your love. Fashion enthusiasts and experts recommend some styles to consider in this year 2018.


If you decide to go to a party, you must always consider the look of your dress, face, and the accessories. You must look dashing hence you should choose to buy an ornament that can fit any occasion.You may also find anklets as not versatile, unlike any other accessories. However, if you will not care wearing it with your short red glittery dress. The same case with a flowery dress, you may find annoying that you can only wear your hundred bucks of a pendant. This necklace for women can be appropriate for plain-colored clothing. You may also see that you can wear a men’s necklace only in suit and tie, which you may find it bothersome in the end.

Avoid Asymmetry

Always remember to pick the best choice and avoid any possible asymmetric look. For instance, you must consider choosing either chandelier earrings or hoop earrings. Find out what can you undoubtedly wear at a party or even just a casual gathering. Same goes to the pendants as you may not prefer the large turquoise jewelry when you wear your favorite sunshine dress.


At last, We post the origin of fashion jewellry and some notes about fashion jewellry, We hope you will like it.