Who We Are?

About five years ago, Our founder-William, He was working in Yiwu, China. Yes, He was selling fashion jewelry.  Yiwu is one of the largest places for jewelry business, the other places were Qingdao and Guangzhou in China. So during the past 5 years, William Learned a lot about fashion jewelry, Also, He often came to Qingdao and Guangzhou for the business trip.

At that time, William found lots of customers are complaining about the quality of Alloy Jewelry Because the truth is that Alloy jewelry is easier to fade compared to Stainless steel Jewelry. So William decided to learn Stainless steel jewelry and he had the passion for stainless steel jewelry,  In the end, He founded the Imiajewel Brand to serve for market customers.

So Why buy from us?

During our past 5 years, We successfully working with some big brands such as Cato, JCPenny, and DK. And we learned the strict working procedure with them. That helps us a lot. So We give you some reason to work with us.

  • Provided our customers with the Newest market trendy style PDF quarterly For Free.
  • Provided our customers with the Real-Time Order Progress Form.
  • Provided our customers with the Fashion Packing Designing for Free.
  • The most important things you need to cooperate with us is that we can help you avoid these pitfalls.
  1.  Quality Issues. We can refund you money Or restart production if you are not satisfied with our quality.
  2.  Delayed Delivery time. We guess you are tired of many excuses for this reason. We Provided our customers Real-Time Order Process.
  3.  Communicate Issues. Normally We will reply our customers at least in 24 hours.
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